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  • December 2010
    M T W T F S S

Sidey’s weekend theme – Religious Holidays

Growing up as a child, the Danish Society to which we belonged as a family would host a Christmas Eve dinner for all its’ members. I remember the newsletter being received by my Dad, being read out loud and translated into English before being stuck up on the fridge door as a reminder. Not that we needed reminding, as it was something we all looked forward to each year.


I don’t remember if there was a value set on gifts, but I recall that each family would arrive with gifts for adults and kiddies alike, beautifully wrapped with little tags denoting the gift for either a boy or girl, man or woman.


Come Christmas Eve, we would be bathed and dressed in our Sunday best, and with faces scrubbed squeaky-clean would sit quietly like little angels on the couch while waiting for Marmee to arrive home from work. Eventually, the parentals would be dressed up in all their finery with Marmee in a long evening dress and Dad in a suit and off we would go.


After a short drive to the Norwegian Hall (nothing like keeping it in the Scandanavian Family!), we would alight from the car and upon entering the hall be instantly transported into a magical land. Dining tables beautifully set with stiffly starched white tablecloths, gleaming cutlery and sparkling glassware. The centrepiece, a Christmas wreath decorated with little candles and Danish flags.


And the Christmas Tree! As littlies, I remember how all the kids stood staring at the tree in awe! A huge majestic specimen, decorated to perfection with handmade typical Danish goodies interspersed with delicate glass baubles. Next to the tree was a large chair which would comfortably seat our Julemanden* as he handed out the presents after dinner.


Needless to say, all the littlies barely managed to restrain themselves during dinner as all were eagerly awaiting the handing out of the presents. I remember the excitement of not knowing what you were going to receive and I honestly can’t recall ever having a sense of disappointment.




* Father Christmas.

3 Responses

  1. NIce memories! The local Norwegian Society had their Christmas Dinner weeks ago.

  2. Thanks babes.

  3. Very nice, Shorty, would kill for a Danish herring now …

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