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  • February 2011
    M T W T F S S

One bird flees the coop

…whilst another comes home to roost.


My poor sister is devastated after flying down to drop her daughter off at Rhodes University where she will be living and studying psychology as well as furthering her studies in Greek.


Συγχαρητ?ρια, Τζ?σι. Σας συγχα?ρω για την εξα?ρετη αποτελ?σματα Matric σας και ε?ναι ?λα εξαιρετικ? υπερ?φανοι για εσ?ς!


She did however, manage to contain herself until she landed back at OR Tambo International before the deluge of tears started! Sorry sis.

Jessie on the steps of a Grahamstown church.

And the one who has come home to roost?


Meet e-storage (as named by Vuzi, one of my Giant Rat’s students). A fledgling barn sparrow which hubby picked up in the one storage area of the harbour yesterday. A photo quickly sent to my phone and then an urgent call, begging me to find out how to care for the little mite.

A couple of quick calls and then my GR informed he has to feed it raw mince and give it a bit of water using a dropper. The little mite needs to be kept warm, which he did yesterday by carrying it around inside his shirt pocket the entire day.


A bed has been made inside a shoebox, using a soft hand towel and little e-storage spent last night in the bathroom at the guesthouse as it’s nice and toasty. And today? He will be spending the day in hubby pocket as he goes from one student to the other testing and requalifying them.


And moi? I just hope the little mite survives. And if he could grow big and strong and fly away by Friday, that would be a bonus.


I’m trying not to picture Lucyanydots and Thomas’ excitement if my Giant Rat brings this little fella home this weekend…

11 Responses

  1. ah. i feel the tug on my own little strings. my husband just informed me, “don’t think u have a corner on crying!” hmghf! nice post. keep on.

    • Lol, those strings vibrate hard in all mothers and aunts, I think, but the apron strings have to be loosened at some time in life.

  2. Best of luck to both the young birds 🙂

  3. That sparrow is amazingly small. Good luck to your niece and sister 🙂

    • He’s a tiny fella, Tandy. Hubby sent me some more photos and he doesn’t even have all his feathers yet.
      Thanks, I know my niece will be quite okay, she’s a mature kid 🙂

  4. Wow – he’s so tiny! I hope that he survives, and with all the TLC he is getting, he stands a good chance.

    • Isn’t he Barb! I’m sure he’s going to survive. Hubby has just called to say he’s tweeting away in his little makeshift house.

  5. Fingers crossed he survives.

  6. here’s hoping the birds both do well.

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