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  • March 2011
    M T W T F S S

Corruption is rife

There’s nothing like getting a new hard drive for your computer and after installing it, commencing with the installation of your OS only to have it bomb out at 4% with the following message: ‘files are corrupt or missing. Go and play in the traffic.’


After reformatting the new drive and trying a couple of times, we tried hubby’s disc as well in case it was my own disc which had become as corrupt as some of our politicians but alas I got no further with that either. So it was back to the store on Sunday with said new hard drive as well as my disc for them to check in case there was a fault with the drive and swap it out if necessary.


Lo and behold, my new drive was connected, reformatted and the disc loaded completely the first time round. Trying again on our return home, the corruption was alive and well and all the Doom in the world was unable to get rid of the nasty little goggas living inside the innards of my poor computer.


My kind and much loved Giant Rat has now relocated my pc to Richards Bay where he feels the sea breeze may magically restore some serenity to its’ innards, failing which he will be handing it in to Matrix to run diagnostics on the motherboard and processor, one of which obviously needs replacing (hopefully not both).


I miss my pc 😦



PS: Sidey, your weekend theme was a snapshot of me looking to the horizon wondering if there’s enough mouthwash to get rid of the taste of the flock of carrion crows which descended on our offices yesterday for a two-week audit!

13 Responses

  1. Oh shame, Shorty, I feel your pain 😦
    ps: I thought this post would be about Shabby Shaik going back to being Shabby Chic in Chookie 😉

    • I was quite lost without my pc, Cindy. Luckily for me I got horribly spoilt when hubby arrived home for the weekend with a brand new iPad as a gift for me!
      Hehehe, I hope he gets a nice cellmate 🙂

  2. Gosh, Halfie, you seem to be in the wars on both fronts, home and work! Hope your PC is sorted out soon. As for work, well the audits seem to be never-ending – good luck. 😉

    • It never rains but pours, eh Adee. Luckily I’ve got hubby’s laptop set up now so I can at least blog again. I must admit I can’t wait for my pc to be returned home safe and sound with new innards though.
      Thanks for the wishes with the auditors 🙂

  3. oh dear, i was wondering what was up

    you would have had fun with my lioness i’m sure

  4. Computer woes are the worst! Have a great day today 🙂

  5. Wish you were closer; my Hub is a computer genius.

    • Thanks Tilly. Hubby is not too shabby, but it’s difficult to run diagnostics without an OS in place. At least I’ll get a super-duper new pc now!

  6. Hi Love…hope you get your pc sorted soon…mine also playing up…internet keeps hanging…think it is the new big monitor!!

    • Hi granny 🙂
      I have to wait until hubby either finishes there next month or when he gets to come home for a weekend again which is just as bad seeing it’ll only be in a months’ time. At least I’ve got the laptop now and my iPad.
      Hehehe, it can’t be the monitor that affects your internet – are you not having line problems?

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