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  • March 2011
    M T W T F S S

Goodbye, my Sweet Thomas

You entered our lives on 05th November 2010, brought down from Richards Bay by hubby. A tiny 5 week old scrap who, the minute I took you from hubby, held my face between your paws whilst looking into my eyes. Your little V8 motor started revving immediately as you washed my face.

You slept with me night after night, settling down on my pillow where you would brush my hair with your little paws before washing my hair. I wondered if your acidity levels were as strong as our friend’s Red Setter who used to lick his mate’s forehead eventually bleaching a blonde stripe between her ears, and decided it would be pretty neat if I ended up with a blonde streak too.


Your big sister, Lucyanydots, was not too impressed by your arrival into the halfy household; hissing, spitting and growling at your mere existance, let alone your early attempts to make friends with her. You crept into her heart, and we witnessed you holding her face between your little paws as you washed and loved her. Before long, you were sleeping soundly together with her, grooming one another and taking over my desk so I would be reduced to sitting with my keyboard on my lap.

You were inseperable from Hannah when we adopted her in December; the difference in size made no difference to either one of you as you took turns chasing each other around the garden or spent time grooming and washing each other. It always brought a smile to my face to see you lying on top of Hannah as you gave her a thorough good washing before turning to pounce on her wagging tail.


And the last photo we took or rather hubby took of you on Monday morning before he returned to Richards Bay. He waited with me for my lift to collect me with you sitting on his shoulder before you jumped down onto the wall to stalk a lizard. A perfect photo to show your original uprights just how nicely you were growing although we think you were destined to always be a littley.

Tommy Tucker 14 March 2011

Tuesday, 15th March 2011: I arrived home to find you, Lucyanydots, Hannah and Cleo waiting for me at the front gate as you always do. Brad still smiled and remarked that the family were all there. You and Lucyanydots followed me into the house, winding yourselves around my ankles until I picked you up for your afternoon cuddle and greeting. We spoke as we always do, and after hearing just how hungry you were, you ate and scooted off into the garden to play.


And that’s when I heard the commotion. The mangy mutts from across the road in the street again, and before I could get the security gate unlocked they had you. Sean and I went running after them into the nature reserve but by the time we fought our way through the bush it was too late. He beat them off so I was able to take you back home, and I laid you to rest in your favourite sunning corner.


Goodbye my sweet Thomas. You entered my life a short 4 months ago, but you will live on in my heart forever.

21 Responses

  1. waaaah. i’m so sorry. ouch. big hug.

  2. Oh, Halfie, I am so so sorry…

  3. Halfy I am typing this with tear rolling down my cheeks. I am so sorry my friend.

    HUGS to you and the rest of the family…

    RIP Thomas/


  4. I’m so sorry this has happened and now your beautiful Thomas is gone. I read your post with tears running down my face, and I’d like to get hold of he mongrels that ended his life.
    RIP little Thomas, in your short life you have left many sweet memories to comfort those who loved you so much at the halfy household. Big hugs.

    • Thanks Barb, I’ll be contacting the Inspector of the Animal Nuisance division tomorrow as he was off duty today. Something has to be done about these dogs as they’re aggressive and are always roaming in the street.

  5. I am so very sorry, Shorty. By deepest condolences 😦

  6. I’m so sorry. I got all choked up. I have lost quite a few cats, none to old age, which is why I don’t have them anymore. They break your heart.

    He sounds adorable and I fully understand your loss.

    Thinking of you.

    • I’ve been fortunate to have only lost our previous ones to old age, not that it makes it any easier.
      Thomas was an incredible cat who was quite protective over his bigger sister, lying with his paw over her this past weekend when we had two horrific storms and she was shivering in fear.
      Thanks Tilly Bud, I really do appreciate it.

  7. that is so sad! nature can be really cruel sometimes. Big hugs πŸ™‚

  8. I’ve devastated my friend – warmest hugs from me to you, luv Wildie xx

  9. Ag NO HP….that is so sad…..damn now I am sitting at my desk trying to look as if I have something in my eye…besides a tear!
    Big hugs my friend.

    • I’m still in a total slump, Granny. His death was so unnecessary and I’ve got Lucyanydots pining for Thomas.

  10. I read this post on the plane and I cried unashamedly… I’m so very sorry for his senseless death Halfy…. what a terrible thing to have happened. You are in my thoughts… (((((hug)))))

    • Thanks Lynda, if it hadn’t been for the awful mutts across the road charging out of the reserve and pushing my gate inwards, Thomas would still be with me.
      I’ve reported the owners to the Animal nuisance division as they have no boundary fence between their property and the reserve, and their dogs roam free in the street at all times. They’ve bitten other dogs out on leashes with their owners for a walk, and nothing has been done about it.

  11. Halfy I am so very sorry to read this 😦

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