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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S

Oohs, aahs and giggles

‘twas a day filled with giggles, oohs and aahs and sweetness.

Marmee and I arrived at the House & Garden show just after they opened at 10h00, and made our way through the first hall of organic foods, herb and veggie planters. For those who are interested, you can have a look at their website www.homeorganic.co.za to see their range.

We strolled into the adjoining hall of handmade treats where we found everything from homemade fudge (including Peanut Butter and chillie – to die for doll!) to stained glass goodies, fabrics and clothing. Marmee spoiled me with the cutest little fairy with stained glass wings, which I will be taking to my new office (don’t ask when) to stand near my WINDOWS to catch the sun!

My little fairy

Ai yai yai, and then the first giggle…

Leaving the stained glass stand and continuing on our way, I nearly jumped out of my little shoes when a hormonal young chap grabbed me on the shoulder and started complimenting me on my ‘funky’ hairstyle (my guru will be pleased with that as my mop is in serious need of a chopping again). After much complimenting and bantering from him, I gave him the name and number of my hair guru for his ‘sister’ who according to him ‘has the hair of a warthog.’ By this time, my Marmee had an attack of the giggles (with moi biting the inside of my mouth to stop from laughing) and moved to a safe distance away. Eventually after declining his offer of drinks and dinner, I was able to make my escape but only after having my hand kissed in farewell.

And then the oohs and aahs started. From the compact yet stunning display of flowers from the Chelsea Flower exhibition, to the latest trends for ones’ entire house. Sadly, most (if not all) costing rather more than an arm and a leg.

*sigh* I could have a pool party in this tub!

Finally, some photos to share. I would have photographed the most divine chocolates I bought for Marmee, but when I asked to borrow them for a minute, she looked at me rather sheepishly and admitted to having scoffed the lot already! Way to go, Mom!

Stunning proteas

Gorgeous Gereba's

Different dried flowers & seed pods used as fillers

The bathtub I drooled over! The picture doesn’t do it any justice at all, and you really can’t get any sense of the length and depth of the tub. Let’s just say that only my head would stick out above the edge of the bath, and I could have a party in there! For a cool 10 grand over the ‘show’ price, you can have it as a spa bath. *sigh*

And lastly, the most gorjuss handwoven red pure mohair scarf I treated myself to. The softest, longest scarf I’ve ever had, and one that I have safely hidden away from Lucyanydots!

Woven mohair scarf

Cuddly soft!

One last thing especially for all the foodies out there. My envy at your having Le Creuset cookware has completely and utterly gone! After drooling over the display of all the most beautiful casseroles, tagines, etc I timidly decided to pick up one of the small casserole dishes to have a closer look. Good grief! I nearly went face down on the floor from the weight!

This short one will do without them.

Designer Chocolate

Viewfromtheside‘s weekend theme is…


Whilst I don’t have a sweet tooth, preferring something salty to sweet, I do enjoy the odd piece of dark chillie chocolate. Surfing the net last night, I came across this site, dedicated to chocolate. If you have the time (and the bandwidth) have a squizz. I was amazed at the talent out there.

Examples of some of the masterpieces from the World Final 2009 competition: