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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S

What could it have been, and what it was.

After all the wonderful and wacky ideas everyone came up with today, I’m afraid that no one person guessed correctly.

Big Sweetie was given a dwarf chameleon (or rather his rugrats were) as a thank you by his friend for housing and transporting all the snakes down to Port St Johns last weekend; so yesterday found us scouring the pet shops for:


Those little goggas that make so much noise in our gardens. I was tickled pink at the newly acquired knowledge that one can actually buy crickets from a pet shop.

I was even more ticked this morning when on the way to have our usual Friday morning coffee at the Wimpy, I looked across at Big Sweetie and commented that he looked unusually tired. I was given a rather grumpy single word reply ‘Crickets.’ When I got another attack of the giggles, he gave me the hairy eyeball look and threatened to dose my coffee with sugar if I dared to tell him I told him so (after I told him yesterday to put the container in the garage after a couple of the little noisy devils had been taken out for food).

Can you imagine the cacophony emanating from 68 crickets in a confined space?