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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S


It be raining! A wonderful steady rain since midnight which has already soaked into the dry earth. And no need for me to go outside to stand in it either as I’m wont to do; Lucyanydots has decided that this wondrous thing called water is great to play in, and has delighted in nipping in and out the bedroom window. There’s nothing like waking up with the shock of a cold, wet furry little body curling up on your naked back. One of these days I’ll be able to levitate myself without a magician’s illusion!

*sigh* And I could kick myself in the backside. Last weekend, after running to two different banks to sort out business for me Marmee and hubby, I clean forgot to pop in and collect my new credit card. So today, on Month-end Mayhem and Manicial Mobs, I have to toodle back to the Pav and go and fetch the blessed thing. My plan of nipping there on my own so I could duck and dive inbetween the homicidal hoards with their shopping trollies came to a sudden end when Marmee said ‘Oooh, WE can sit and have breakfast at the Wimpy first.’

Don’t get me wrong. I love me Marmee dearly; but pushing a trolley with each of the four wheels trying to make a break for it like prisoners escaping from jail in different directions whilst keeping an eye out that no one pushes Marmee or that she wanders off blindly, is not on my list of my favourite things to do at month end. Hell, even I avoid the malls like the plague at month end. I much prefer taking her there when it’s quiet and she can enjoy the slow meander around while I describe each and every item in the shop windows.

But, such is life. And seeing as she refused point blank at one stage to go out or to eat out in case she spilled on herself or the table, I shall take her with and we’ll have a wonderful time. A girl can always have a long drink at home later to calm her shattered nerves! Wink

Oh, and did I mention it’s raining!