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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S

Wedding memories

Or as JadedJane said – the Wedding thingy!

What a bleeding mission to find wedding photos. We weren’t exactly flush with moola when we got married, and had a friend take photos, so they’re not the greatest I’m afraid.

We decided to get married in court to save money for our flat and also because it was hubby’s second marriage. I would have been more than happy to live in sin Morningside, but he insisted on doing the whole exchange of rings in front of witnesses. I must say I remember being quite impressed as we were married by a woman magistrate (with flaming red hair!), and the courtroom had been done up with flowers so it looked really pretty.

I also remember her doing the whole love, honour and obey bit, and snorting out rather loudly at the ‘obey’ part, which earned me a big grin from the magistrate and chuckles from our friends whilst hubby (who was not yet hubby) nervously twisted his wedding band around and around until I noticed it and made him take it off.

So there you have it. Me fastening my suspender belt straps to the tops of my stockings, a difficult task considering I had two whiskeys on an empty stomach to calm my nerves and stop me from running away! After the deed was done with a glass of champers in my hand, the friend who designed and made my dress, and finally my Giant Rat and I.

My dress was also not traditional. Yvette designed it as a drop-waisted dress in white shadow georgette with a pleated skirt which ended just above my knees, and worn over a very fitted pencil skirt in a grey shadow georgette ending just below my knees. The back of my dress was open in a wide ‘V’ down to my waist, and had two panels of fabric (white and grey) alternating on either side. All finished off with a very medieval belt sitting over my hips, lacing up at the widest part in the front and narrowing at the back of the dress.

You’ll notice how tall I am standing next to my Giant Rat. Pffft, who am I kidding? I had stilettos on that day.

the big day