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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S

Prostitutes to Princesses

Well, it’s finally happening. Our ‘groot trek*’ from the dark, dank depths of the ass-end of the world (more commonly known as Point Road), to the gracious old lady known as The Royal Hotel.

The floor plans were eventually signed off last week, and after sitting in a meeting with Big Sweetie on Thursday afternoon in which we worked out all the networking issues, I accompanied him to a site meeting on Friday.

After first stopping at the Coffee Shoppe for a wonderful java and going over the plans with the cabling company and yet another IT guru, we proceeded up to the 12th floor from which we made our way down again to the 2nd. Naturally I had to whip out my cell phone to shoot off a couple of pictures from the 12th floor whilst hanging half way out the window (much to the consternation of the three blokes! Wusses)

Our beautiful City Hall.

Our Main Post Office

If you look carefully you should be able to see our new soccer stadium in the distance.

I could have burst into tears when we made our way to the 4th floor (where my business unit including my prime office 😀 will be); and walked into the Yellow-wood Room. This used to be one of the restaurants / dance halls in the hotel, and to see the more than double volume ceilings with it’s Yellow-wood paneling and huge chandeliers which will in all probability be completely destroyed to make way for our offices was soul destroying.  An additional floor is going to be laid in this area for additional offices and to not waste space. I can only hope that the paneling and chandeliers will be carefully removed and put to good use elsewhere.

Well, seeing that I haven’t quite reached the Princess stage of my life as yet, let me come back to reality with a bang and scoot to take the garbage out before I head off to the office. Heaven knows ringing my imaginary silver bell is just not summonsing my butler 🙂