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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S

I wear my heart on a tree

Or rather, the tree outside my favourite coffee shop/restaurant does.

We spent a good couple of hours sitting outside on Saturday morning, enjoying the summer weather we’re still fortunate enough to be experiencing, whilst sipping our lattes as we waited for our breakfast to be served. The peace and tranquility only broken occasionally by the yelps of the poor pooches having their weekly bath at the dog parlour across the road, and the buzz of the saws as the municipality trimmed the trees further up the road from where we were sitting.

Exiting the peace and tranquility with full tummies, we headed off to the noise and mayhem of the paintball range, so hubby could calibrate the settings on my Tippmann TPX to shoot at 300ft. Once he was happy with the settings, we walked across to the practice range they have, and Rambette had a whole lot of fun shooting the various items set up there. After shooting a couple of magazines and reloading a new CO2 cartridge, I turned to hubby to ask if he still wants to get a bulls eye target for me to practice on, only to find the man standing with his mouth hanging open! Hehehe, that’ll teach the man for thinking the first shots I fired at home was a fluke!

Sadly that was the last fun for the weekend. The rest of the time was spent sanding down window frames and doing some maintenance work around the house. All very rewarding, but nowhere near as much fun.