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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S

Ayoba; it is phashasha!

Well, after scouring the countryside high and low for a Danish soccer shirt and being unable to find one at all, I did what any clever, red-blooded girl would do and ignored my Marmee’s suggestion of buying red and white body paint to paint the Danish flag on my torso (heehee, wouldn’t that go down a treat at the office?!)

I had a good long hard look at the various teams, and decided I would pick two countries to support. After much scientific deliberation and consultations with people in the know, I realised I have to support Italy and Spain.

I would have added in the scientific and mathematical formulae’s in here, but rather than bore you all to tears and self-induced coma’s from which you won’t awaken in time to watch the opening match between SA and Mexico, forcing me to down all the tequila by myself, let me rather explain it in lay-man’s terms (which the ladies will immediately understand). *grin*

Italy and Spain have the hottest players! Oh, and the nicest looking shirts!

Oh, and I have been conned into wearing a Bafana Bafana shirt to work today. Eish, the things I do for my country and my staff. We have a special programme starting at 10h00 this morning during which we will be performing the Diski dance and singing Waka Waka.

So think of me this morning, in my jeans and bright yellow supporter shirt, with my spikes gelled red and blue bopping away for all I’m worth.

Now that’s ayoba!