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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S

A brrrr start to the day

Brrrr, a cold start at 14 degrees and an ice cold stiff breeze this morning does nothing to help the sore, stiff body and aching muscles resulting from a hard day’s work.

After scooting around with doctors and dentists appointments, hubby and I quickly nipped off to our hair guru to have our thickets shorn and then to get the grocery cupboards replenished, before heading back home to continue with the making of and installing of additional burglar guards, replacing putty in two windows, replacing the tap and outlet hose for the washing machine, and and and….

Inbetween my stints as a builder’s assistant (read: skivvy), plumber’s assistant (ditto), general dogsbody, running up and down ladders (fun) and cleaner (not so fun); I managed to get scratched and burnt by hubby wielding steel rods which he had just finished cutting with an angle grinder…pffft. If it’s not enough my poor legs look like they’ve been dragged through a thorn bush from Lucyanydots using me as a climbing post, hubby then tells me he’s branded his mark on me! (My response is censored for sensitive viewers; let’s just say it involved steel pipes, the angle grinder and places where the sun doesn’t shine :-D)

We called it quits last night just after 9pm, at which time I made us a light meal before my Giant Rat started packing his suitcase in preparation for his early morning departure to Jhb. Yet again we discovered that the person responsible for the flight and accommodation bookings had omitted to book a shuttle service from the house to the airport, and when phoning to enquire what a metered taxi would cost, we were informed we were looking in the region of R500! Eish-dot-com! Hubby used to pay R150 if he used a cab to our old airport, which the company would refund, but there are serious doubts if they would reimburse him to that tune! Luckily he was able to get hold of the person responsible, and that was sorted out in double quick time.

Ai yai yai, and does hubby dress for arriving in Jhb in winter this morning? Not on your nelly! He departed wearing a short sleeved cotton shirt and shorts. I realise the man loves winter and doesn’t feel the cold, but I’m also pretty sure he resembled a smurf when he arrived there! Heehee, at least he looks good in blue 😀

And lastly for me. Back into bed with a good book (seeing I’m still in my pj’s – cor, wot a shocker!), or get dressed and do the housework and ironing? Decisions, decisions…