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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S

It’s quite okay to toot your horn

when you’re tooting it for someone else.

I received an email from my boet (my brother, for any overseas readers :-)), showing the before and after pictures of their atrium which connects their house. According to his mail, the atrium in the first photo looked a whole lot better in the photo than in real life as it obscured a multitude of sins. None of the water features worked, the plants were breaking up the paving and they were unable to open some of the patio doors leading out from the various rooms.

Before: The disaster area

So, boet sat the wife down and had a ‘discussion’, after which he poured himself a whiskey and stared at a blank sheet of paper. A second whiskey later (or it may have been the third), the inspiration began to flow and shortly thereafter the work commenced.

During: Hannah turns her back while Hayley keeps a close eye.

Getting closer…

Nearly done

And finally!


Ta Da!

Now all that’s missing are the fishies, one or two water plants, and me sitting with my tootsies in the water whilst I sip on a vase or two.

Well done, BS! LS is mucho proud of you.