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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S

Childhood memories

Naturally, being the perfect child I was, I only have good, nay, excellent memories of school! No detention, not nearly being expelled or bunking for a week at a time and forging my own sick notes. Nope, must have been my evil twin sister.

I never attended pre-primary school, having come back to South Africa at the age of 4 and entering class 1 at the rather tender age of 4½. I can remember being terribly excited about this brand new adventure I was about to embark on, and chatting to my Marmee about it last night, she told me that I was up at the crack of dawn all dressed up in my little green school dress, hair neatly brushed and my little itty-bitty school shoes all polished and shining brightly! Apparently I woke her and my dad up, suitcase in hand, raring to go ( I blame that as a result of being dropped on the head one time too often).

I have no recollection of this happening, but according to my Marmee, she walked me all the way to the school, and as we arrived at the main gate, I turned to her, tugged on her skirt, stood on tip-toe to kiss her goodbye and said: “Okay, you can go now!” after which I turned, hoisted my suitcase up and walked through the gate without as much as a turning back to wave.

One memory that stands out is of my Standard 5 teacher (who was a serious ‘crush’ for all the girls), throwing a blackboard duster at one of the guys sitting behind me, but hitting me instead on the shoulder before it bounced off onto the floor. Bending down to retrieve it with the intention of handing it back over, my teacher apologised and told me to throw it back at him. Note – at him, not to him.

Being the good, obedient child I was (cough, cough) I followed his instruction, and sent the duster flying through the air, turning over itself until it hit its target square on his noggin!

*sigh* not the best instructions to give to someone who was an ace tennis player with a really mean serve.

And don’t I look like butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth here? Such sweet innocence. I wonder what happened…*evil cackle*

Class 2

Now, which one am I?