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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S

What could it have been?

Yesterday we couldn’t make it to our timeshare spot to retore our souls or feed my furry feral friends as Big Sweetie needed to dash off to a pet shop to make a very strange purchase.

We dashed off to the closest store from the office – there being a pet shop in Berea Road right at the bottom just before you get Warwick Avenue; those bloggers who previously lived in Durban may remember it. What a terrible area it has become; nothing but taxi’s and one shop after the other (literally) selling coffins. EEK! And with the most ‘delightful’ names of Destiny and Pearly Gates to mention only a couple.

Anyhoo, they didn’t have what he was looking for, so we dashed off to Petlands in Springfield Park, and lo and behold, he was able to buy this very strange item (one that had me in a fit of giggles all the way there and back).

Can anyone guess what he went to buy?