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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S

Apache connections

Well, thank heavens Telkom has sorted out our ADSL line. I’ve had the Red Indian connection since the weekend; you know the type – an Apache here and apache there which saw me commenting furiously until my pc told me to take a long walk off a short pier. After logging a call on Sunday, during which the call centre techie had me switch off my router while she reset it unsuccessfully, I received confirmation yesterday afternoon that the fault had been resolved. Well done Telkom!

Poor Big Sweetie had to go up to the Sleepy Hollow yesterday to sort out a couple of issues, (after I discovered that our one switch wasn’t functioning), and ended up being away the entire day. Normally the remaining two stooges aka Medium and Little Sweetie would receive email from him from whichever office he may be visiting, but not a peep out of him.

So what do you do? You grab a wooden spoon (or your keyboard these days) and stir…

Could it be,

that you’re as blue as I

seeing Big Sweetie left us?

Albeit with a bye,

but nary a ‘Hi’

or a single word since.

I wonder if it’s true

(between me and you)

that he has, up there

not one girlfriend, but two?

Should we also, perhaps

seek greener pastures

or be kind and sweet

and forgive his lapse?

Let the fun and games commence!