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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S

The natural order of things

Thomas: Hah! While our upright struggles to take a photo of you bullying me, I’ll quickly open my mouth in a pretend cry and deliver a left upper-cut!

Shame, our upright has been forced to drape a cloth over the otto…otter…the thing the uprights like to put their feet up on. The short upright slave who gives us lots of treats and toys said we were ruining it. Pfft….

I've got your back.

How rude! Lucyanydots did jump out the window and left me all alone.

I think I’ll mew pathetically so my upright can rush to pick me up and give me a cuddle…just now…I’ll just close my eyes for a bit…it’s hard work being this cute.

Jeez…enough with the washing already! I bathed just now.

The sleep of the not-so innocent.