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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S

Life’s a beach

And I mean that in the most positive sense.

It was a stunningly beautiful balmy day yesterday, so needless to say Big Sweetie dragged me out of the office to go to ‘his timeshare’ at the Paddle Ski Club, so we could recharge our batteries and I could feed my furry ferals too. With Durban still being in the midst of summer (the lowest temperature we have in the next 15 days is one day of 20 degrees, and the rest expected to reach between 23 and 28 degrees), it would be foolish not to take advantage of the weather and stay in the office.

We no sooner arrived at the timeshare when the cats came running up to the bakkie, and followed me back to their feeding spot ala ‘Mary had a little lamb’ style. After giving them some attention and putting their food down for them, I made my way back to the bakkie to stand in the sun whilst chatting to Big Sweetie. Imagine my surprise a few minutes later when I felt rubbing against my ankles and looked down to see both cats had come to demand some more attention!

This was the view we had at roughly 13:00 yesterday afternoon, looking across the ocean from the timeshare to the stadium and further up to Umhlanga.

Not ideal for surfing, the sea was as calm and flat as an ironing board, but Big Sweetie almost had tears in his eyes when he saw the water. Ideal conditions for going out on a paddle ski to fish. Never mind the fishing, it was ideal for lying in the sun with a good book!

And yes, your eyes don’t deceive you; those monstrous pipes have also been removed.

All in all, a really great start to the week.

PS: Did I mention we’re still in Summer here in Durban?