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  • August 2022
    M T W T F S S

Time is fleeting…

…and so another weekend with my Giant Rat at home has ended, and it is time for me to face the tall world from a short perspective again! Oh well, no good complaining; after all, that’s why ladders were invented 🙂

If you want a good giggle, copy and paste some of your blog posts/poems/short stories into this site (http://iwl.me/). The site, “I write like”, supposedly analyses ones writing in terms of seeing which author one has a similar style to.

I analysed a few things I have written, and had the biggest laugh when the short story challenge Sidey had posed some time back (using the first and last sentence from two different books as the opening and closing sentence) gave me the result of Ursula K Le Guin (a fantasy/science fiction author). That was after I pasted the entire post (with the exception of the two sentences hijacked from the books I was reading at the time. Considering I had written about two detectives investigating a serial killer, I expected to see a crime writer’s name!

Provided one doesn’t take these things seriously, the site is really good for a giggle if nothing more, especially after analysing Supa’s Coq Au Vin post and it spat out Ian Fleming!

Have a great day all; I’m off to make yet another jug of java and contemplate my wardrobe for the office whilst warming my cold bones in a tub of hot water.